Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

All of these stoppers were made by our customers.

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available.

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Turquoise inlay in wood on stainless stopper
Rocky Phillips, TX
Nice Turquoise inlay trim.

glass bottle stopper, blue and white swirl
Dag Aasdam, France

Whiskey stopper and Bottle Opener
Larry Rodrigues, HI, turned a nice bottle
opener and whiskey stopper set.

Holt Owls

Flamework Owls
Robin Holt, MoonDog Art Glass, FL.


Gifts for Wine Lovers
Stacey Carlton in TX.  Great stoppers!

M.J. Peters

bottle stopper made from hemp
This is compressed hemp turned
by M.J. Peters, IL.  So Unique!

Robert Franklin

These unique resin turnings were done by
Robert Franklin.  See more in his Etsy shop.

Cook fire

antique fire sprinkler bottle stopper
Jim Cook, MA.  Just added
an antique sprinkler: perfect!

Dave Martin1

poured resin stopper
Dave Martin, FL.  Dyed and
stabilized wood; nice shape.


pine cone in resin bottle stopper
Aleksander Mazur, Poland.  Pine
cone in resin and turned on a lathe.


Stainless Whiskey Bottle stopper
Paul Grover, SC, on the L is a whiskey
stopper, purple is a wine stopper.

Hallabough basketball

basketball bottle stopper
Rick Hallabough, TX.  Don't know
how he did this but it's great!

Watson off set

wine glass, wine stopper all in one
Robin Watson, VA.  Bottle
stopper in off-set goblet!

Cook 2 ducks

Quilting thread bottle stoppers
Jim Cook in MA, made these for his wife's
sewing club.  So imaginative!


poured resin blank
Jim Clevenger, WA.  Poured
and turned this resin blank.


stainless steel bottle stoppers
Aleksander Mazur, Poland.  Colorful designs!


Black and White Ebony with brass bottle stoppers
Black and White Ebony turned wine stoppers
by Ian Whittaker, Alberta, Canada.


stainless wine stoppers
Dom Sciancalepore, FL  3 great shapes, resin.

Darla tooth

purple dyed/stabilized Wooly Mammoth Tooth
Darla Baker, KY. Purple dyed
Wooly Mammoth Tooth.


stainless steel bottle stopper
Shari Boisclair, VA.  Colorwood cut then
re-glued to create unique design.

Stan Smith

Stan Smith, CA. Hard to see inlay in top of
bottle opener.  Nice set

Katz circle

woodturning wine bottle stoppers
Larry Katz, Ontario, Canada.  Nice array of
wood and shapes.

Kurt Rogers 4

poured resin bottle stoppers
Kurt Rogers, The Turning Junction, Each
stopper has its own stand adding interest.


dancing wood wine bottle stopper
Stacey Carlton, TX  Amazing design!
Great woodturning.

Westlund leaf

metal leaf wine gift
Lee Westlund, WI.  Metal leaf on brass stopper.
Very artistic.


segmented wine bottle stopper
Mark Mayo, CA.  Nice
segmented work.

Cook 1 duck

Cutest duck bottle stopper
This is the cutest duck
stopper by Jim Cook, MA


bottle cap opener and can tab lifter all in one
Ron Holland, IL.  Very classy.
Bottle opener/can tab lifter.


wine bottle stoppers handmade
Dan Sennewald, MD.  Nice array of stoppers
and bottle cap opener.

Pat Morris

ski cap bottle stoppers
Pat Morris, AR.  Bottle stoppers hidden inside
ski cap style tops to fit over bottle neck.


Giraffe bottle stopper
Lee Casto, GA.  Cute
giraffe in resin.


aquatic blue bottle opener
Nick Marmion, IL
Beautiful gift set.

Robin Holt.shells

sea shell beads bottle stoppers
Robin Holt MoonDog Glass.  Awesome.


Australia bottle opener
Rich Pike, Australia.  Great insets on stopper


cedar tree bottle stoppers
Roy Jacobsen, ND  Perfect tree stoppers.


stainless wine stopper
Jeff Cowan, MO. created this
Bourbon stopper.

Mike Williams3

Mike Williams in Israel.  Vivid colors

Robin Bee

Glass Bee Bottle stopper
Robin Holt.  MoonDog Art Glass

Sakony leg

Lady leg bottle stopper
Blissed Out Design
Terrific stoppers.

Sakony Pitts

Pittsburgh bottle stopper
Mike Sakony, PA makes very unique stoppers.
Check out his website.


bottle stoppers
Tara LaCroix, MI  Great design variations.


bottle opener, bottle stopper
Tony Rossi, CA.  Great gift set!


Gnome bottle stopper
Travis Owenby.


gnome wine bottle stoppers
Travis Owenby, GA.  Too cute bottle stoppers.


Glass fish on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Toni Menk, KY.  Such creativity!  Cute glass
fish on stainless steel bottle stoppers..


segmented bottle stoppers
Jimmy Murray, NC, creates amazing stoppers


laser engraved wine stopper
Wine stoppers turned by Jay St Michel in MD.
Brett Winston, VisionCraft laser engraving.


Santa carved in golf ball
Amazing carving in a golf ball by Joan Lech.
facebook page for more carving creations.


blown glass wine bottle stoppers
iGNiS Glass Studio, Chattanooga, TN.
Beautifully blown stoppers.


wine bottle stoppers
Two beauties turned by Darla Baker in KY.
Love the colors.


burl on stainless wine stopper
Clayton Cochran, TX  Great shape.


Dag Aasdam, France.  Crystal glass
stopper looks terrific in decanter.

Arlin Peterson

stainless stopper with palm tree and beach chairs
Arlin Peterson, SD, turned
this from Robert Franklin's
poured blank


blown glass on stainless stoppers
VETRO Glassblowing in Grapevine, TX
Beautiful creations, amazing website.


stainless wine stopper
April Baronas made this cutie.


Jim Whattam, DE.  Three nice shapes.


Designed by David Sisk, TX.


stainless stopper and stainless opener
Alan of MikeAlanDesigns.  Pours and sells
resin blanks for openers and stoppers.


woodturning with stippled top
John K Jordan, TN.  Perfect decorated tops.


Bill Harring, SC.  Great array of bottle openers
and bottle stoppers.