Beginner Stopper Kit

From: $74.00


Package Includes:

SS-9000 Stopper   = $7.45
SS-3000 Stopper   = $7.45
Bottle Cap Opener = $8.70
SS-6000 Stopper   = $5.25
SS-8000 Stopper   = $6.15
SS-4000 Whiskey  = $7.55
3/8″ Bottoming Tap = $4.25
3/8″ Spiral Tap  =  $4.25   (*not in photo)
5/16″ Stub Drill Bit = $3.25
11/32″ Stub Drill Bit = $3.25   (*not in photo
T-Handle for Tapping = $6.49
Choice of Mandrel = $18.50  (+ draw bar if needed for A or B mandrel_

 Value $82.54 ……. SPECIAL $74.00

All the stoppers and opener are FDA 304 18-8 Food Compliant grade stainless steel
All are made in the USA and only in MO.  They are patented or patent pending.

The perfect kit for a beginner with everything you need to get started turning stoppers and openers.  This simple kit lets you try a few different stoppers and the openers so you can better decide which styles you prefer.   If you are not sure which mandrel, this mandrel comparison page may help you decide.  The total tapping kit includes everything you will ever need to tap wood blanks for any project with a 3/8″ x 16 tpi thread and it will last a lifetime.

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