Beginner Stopper Kit

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* SS-9000  Classic Style $7.45
* SS-3000 Contemporary Style $7.45
* SS-4000 Whiskey Stopper $7.55
* Niles Can Tab Pull  $4.88
* Niles Bottle Cap Opener  $8.70
* SS1000 Classic Style $7.45
* SS-8000  Classic Style $7.45
* SS-6000 Basic Cone Style $7.45
* Tap Wrench $6.49
* 5/16″ Stub Bit  $4.15
* 3/8″ Tap    $4.25
* Mandrel of choice  $19.50  (+ draw bar if needed for A or B mandrel) If you don’t need a draw bar we will add an extra stopper.

 Value $92.77 …….  SPECIAL $86.64

All the stoppers and openers are FDA 304 18-8 Food Compliant grade stainless steel
All are made and patented in the USA 

This is the perfect kit for a beginner that includes everything you need to get started turning stoppers and openers.  This simple kit lets you try a few different stoppers so you can better decide which styles you prefer.   If you are not sure which mandrel, this mandrel comparison page may help you decide. It is really a personal preference as one style mandrel is not better than the other.

If you have any questions, contact Carl Jacobson:  phone: 503-939-4565.  Ruth Niles:  phone: 717-486-5232