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Greg Wilz ND

Greg Wilz ND made these great looking openers and pizza cutter.


Kervin Hoffman in TX Made these great looking bottle openers.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this cool pinecone and resin opener.

Keith Kapp

One more from Keith Kapp in PA Cool golf club opener

Keith Kapp

Keith Kapp in PA makes these awesome openers out of recycled parts.

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM A few more great looking bottle openers

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM Carved this cool pineapple bottle opener.

Michael Earley

Michael Earley in NC made these beautiful hybrid openers


Roger Dirkx in OR turned this tab pull. He’s only been turning a few months!


Beautiful work from Peter Urasky


A beautiful set of can pull tabs from Mitchell Jones


A few more from Curtis Fuller.  These are simply spectacular.


Curtis Fuller turned and burned these amazing bottle openers as gifts

Bar set

Don Bertschman made this bar set: stopper, opener and the middle one is a paring [...]

Bob Rosand

Bob Rosand in PA.