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Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this cool pinecone and resin opener. [...]

Keith Kapp

One more from Keith Kapp in PA [...]

Keith Kapp

Keith Kapp in PA makes these awesome openers out of recycled parts. [...]

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM A few more great looking bottle openers [...]

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM Carved this cool pineapple bottle opener. [...]

Michael Earley

Michael Earley in NC made these beautiful hybrid openers [...]


Roger Dirkx in OR turned this tab pull. He’s only been turning a few months! [...]


Beautiful work from Peter Urasky [...]


A beautiful set of can pull tabs from Mitchell Jones [...]


A few more from Curtis Fuller.  These are simply spectacular. [...]


Curtis Fuller turned and burned these amazing bottle openers as gifts [...]

Bar set

Don Bertschman made this bar set: stopper, opener and the middle one is a paring [...]

Bob Rosand

Bob Rosand in PA.   [...]