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Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this cool pinecone and resin opener.

Steve Wohlgemuth

Steve Wohlgemuth in VA Makes custom stoppers and openers like this one.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this awesome opener out of Maple burl and cellophane in [...]

Peter Baum

Peter Baum in OH Cast these really cool and unique stoppers.

Travis Beck

Travis Beck TX Cast and turned these great looking stoppers.


     Chris Betts in NC cast and turned this great looking stopper.

Michael Earley

Michael Earley in NC made these beautiful hybrid openers


Another great looking stopper from Peter Urasky


Beautiful work from Peter Urasky


Brad Campana turned these two stoppers. The stone inlay looks great.

Dan West

Dan West, OH

Kate Rodrigue, OR

  Kate Rodrigue, OR, puts herbs in resin then turns the shapes!