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Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this cool pinecone and resin opener. [...]

Bill Wooley

Bill Wooley in OR Made this beautiful urn. [...]

Robert Roehrig

Another great box from Robert Roehrig in FL [...]

Robert Roehrig

Robert Roehrig in FL Made this beautiful lidded box using the Joyner jig. [...]

Richard Nye

Richard Nye in IL Made this beautiful urn. The lid was turned with a rose [...]

Jamie Page

Jamie Page in the UK Made this awesome pill box with the threaded rings. [...]

Kyle love

Kyle love in FL turned this great Spectraply stopper. [...]


Andrew in the UK turned this great wine bottle stoppers. [...]

Elmer Martinson

Elmer Martinson in MI. Made this great looking mallet. [...]

Bonnie Eichler

Bonnie Eichler in CA. Made this great looking whiskey stoppers out of African Paduk. [...]

Dan Wolin

Dan Wolin in OH Made this beautiful urn for their dog. [...]

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM A few more great looking bottle openers [...]

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Turned this beautiful urn   [...]

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this awesome opener out of Maple burl and cellophane in [...]

Bill Woolley

Another view of Bill’s urn. [...]

Bill Woolley

Bill Woolley in OR Made this beautiful Maple, Walnut, and Ebony urn. [...]