Artists' Bottle Stoppers and Openers Gallery

All of these items were created by our customers.

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available.
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Niles Bottle StoppersNiles bottle stopper
Rich Zakrzewski in NY turned this beautiful
Bourbon stopper and engraved the top.  Nice!

Michael Clark

Niles whiskey stopper
Michael Clark converted his custom-made
vapor into a whiskey stopper!


Niles bottle openersNiles bottle stoppers
Mark Eason carved then painted this cat tap pull
opener for his neighbor. This is his finished painted cat!


Ruth Niles Bottle Stoppers
Lou Dornback turned and engraved this wine
stopper.  Contact Lou if you wish to order one..

Merle Johnson

jawbreaker bottle stopper
Merle Johnson in OR turned this
acrylic acetate top for a bottle stopper.


brass whiskey bottle stopper Niles
Richard Grossman in MO turned this
Ebony stopper with a pearl guitar
fingerboard marker for a friend.


dragon bottle stopper
Robin Jacobson in OR found this unusual
cabinet knob and put it on a Niles stopper.


Niles stainless bottle openers
Steve Crescenzo in NC created these bottle
openers with Lichtenberg fractal wood burning!

Theresa Roberts

Niles bottle opener
Theresa Roberts in WI, created
this gorgeous bottle opener using
a vintage knife handle.  Perfect!


Roger Dirkx in OR turned this tab pull.
He's only been turning a few months!


brass bourbon bottle stopper
Robin Watson in VA turned this cool
whiskey barrel to top a brass stopper.


Ed Salisbury turned this
great Spectraply stopper.


Jeremy Henderson in Alabama
turned these great shaped stoppers.


Buffalo nickle on a bottle stopper
Scott Boyle in AZ puts a buffalo nickel in the tops
of his bottle stoppers.  This one is bacote wood.

Brad Campana

Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers Niles
Brad Campana in Calif. turned these eye-catching
stainless wine stoppers.

Bertschman 2set

bar set: bottle opener, bottle stopper, paring knife
Don Bertschman created another bar set with
a stopper, bottle opener and paring knife in
the center.  Great gift idea.



Another great looking stopper from
Peter Urasky


Beautiful work from Peter Urasky


A beautiful set of can pull
tabs from Mitchell Jones


A few stoppers from Edward Salisbury.
Great job Edward!


Tom Puskar turned a
great whiskey barrel stopper.


stainless Bourbon bottle stoppers
Bob Berner turned these
great stoppers.


A few more from Curtis Fuller.  These
are simply spectacular.


Curtis Fuller turned and burned these
amazing bottle openers as gifts


Brad Campana turned these two stoppers.
The stone inlay looks great.


Tim Boddy turned this very
unique stopper. he used a drawer pull
and a piece of Jarrah wood for it.

Bar set

Don Bertschman made this bar set: stopper,
opener and the middle one is a paring knife
for cutting lemons and limes.


Paul Ketola from California made these
beautiful sea stone stoppers.

Unique Blanks

bottle stopper and bottle opener

Wine bottle stopper and beer bottle opener
turned from Bob Rosand's Unique Blanks.

Petersen Milt

custom wine bottle stoppers
Milt Petersen in GA turned these wine bottle
stoppers with stone inlays.  See his Etsy shop

Petersen Milt

custom wine bottle stoppers
Milt Petersen in GA turned these wine
bottle stoppers.  See his Etsy shop for more..


stainless wine stoppers
Anthony Yakonick in PA turned these 3 wine
bottle stoppers.  Very nice work and good shapes.


Niles bottle openers
Anthony Yakonick in PA turned these attractive
Niles bottle openers.  Very classy work.


wine stopper and beer openers
Ed Kallbrier in IL turned this wine bottle stopper,
beer bottle opener and can tab pull.  Nice work!


whiskey and Bourbon stoppers

Ed Kallbrier turned these 3 size whiskey stoppers
that will fit the majority of liquor and bourbon bottles.


Stainless stoppers, wine and whiskey
Ed Kallbrier in IL turned these stopper styles.
These are  wine and whiskey bottle stoppers.


stainless beer bottle opener       
Alec Kinslow in PA turned these 3 stainless
bottle openers.  I like the standing handle.


Niles bottle openers      
Alec Kinslow in Pittsburgh turned these 3
bottle cap openers.  Nice sleek shapes.


Blanton Bourbon bottle stopper
Donald Thomas, a legally blind Vet
turned this American walnut stopper.


colorwood stainless bottle opener
Henry Doolittle in WA turned this
unique bottle opener.  Nice work!


stainless bottle cap opener
Thierry Coinon in France poured the blanks and
turned these stainless bottle cap openers.


complete bottle opener and stopper kit
Andrew Betschman turned wine stoppers, bottle
cap opener, can tab pull and whiskey stoppers.
To purchase, visit his Etsy store.

wine bottle stoppers
Andrew Betschman turned these 6 different style
wine stoppers.  Visit his Etsy store.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan from CA
turned this beautiful opener.
Check out his Instagram page


Niles whiskey bottle stoppers

These are 3 different size whiskey bottle stoppers
made by Andrew Betschman.  Visit his Etsy store.


niles stainless steel bottle stopper
Steve Wohlgemuth turned this stopper
yet it has a square look which is nice.

Tonkin stop

niles bottle stopper
Barry Tonkin in WA turned this resin and wood
stopper that looks great in a bottle of red wine!

Niles button

Niles bottle stoppers
This African Blackwood stopper shows that
a little stopper can look great in the bottle..


Cymbals of Courage
Wesla Weller makes stoppers from upcycled
musical instruments.  See Website for more.


beer opener whiskey stopper set     
Joey Moll in AR turned this attractive
beer opener and whiskey stopper.


wine stoppers with pewter inserts
John Simpson in CA uses pewter buttons and
floral insets in the tops of his wine stoppers.


golf ball bourbon bottle stoppers
Jason Kartalis, NJ, made a big hit
with these whiskey bottle stoppers!


wine cooler niles bottle stoppers Blown glass with daisies bottle stopper
Beautiful blown glass wine cooler and stopper by
Karen Robbins, See great art work on her Website.


stainless bottle opener and can tab pull
Henry Doolittle, WA, turned this great
bottle opener and can tab pull combo.


turned wine bottle stoppers
Jack Getzler in WA, these are his first stoppers
he's made.  He will sell them at an upcoming show.


military firefighters bottle stoppers
Earl Doan, in Africa, created these Air Force
Firefighter whiskey stoppers on a 3D printer!


wine bottle stoppers
Barry Tonkin in WA turned this array of wine
bottle stoppers.  Great colors and shapes.

Darla Baker

wine bottle stopper

Darla Baker in KY made the resin blank and turned
this unique wine stopper.  Visit her Etsy shop.

Steve Wohlgemuth

Steve Wohlgemuth in VA made this cool F15
bottle opener. check out his website

Darla Baker

unique beer bottle opener
Darla Baker in KY made this great resin
opener.   Check out her Etsy shop