Artists' Bottle Stoppers and Openers Gallery

All of these items were created by our customers.

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available.
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Mike Schuler

bottle opener and can tab pull
Mike Schuler of GA made this great
bottle opener/can tab pull combo.

Mark Eason Cat

Mark Eason of CA what a great idea for the pull tab opener.


Bottle Stoppers
Joey Moll of AR Made these beautiful stoppers.


stopper for bourbon bottle
Roger Ziegler in WI did a simple
segment with cherry and walnut.


beer bottle opener
Rick Cook in IN made these double-ended
bottle/can openers and wine bottle stopper.


used egg shells for stopper
Mark Lockridge's wife saves egg shells,
he put them in resin and it looks great!


stainless stoppers with sea glass on top
Donna von Hosslin, owner Betty Belts, loves the
stainless stoppers.  See her sea stone jewelry!

Martin whiskey 3

Whiskey bottle stopper kits
Tim Martin made these 2 whiskey and 1 Bourbon
bottle stoppers.  Great colors.

Martin 2 opener

Tim Martin made this attractive pair of
bottle cap openers.

Niles beads opener

bottle opener for that special lady
Gift for that special lady: tiny beads,
fishing line, glue = Beer Opener.


George Wurtzel Ginko Gallery
George Wurtzel, owner Ginko Gallery
turned the perfect stopper for Don Julio.


Gift bar set
Tim Martin in CA made this great gift
bar set: stopper and opener.


colored pencils in resin on bottle stoppers
Michael Armstrong in Canada puts colored pencils
in resin and turns these great stopper tops.


Military skulls bottle stoppers
Earl Doan, stationed in Africa, creates and sells
these unique stoppers he makes on a 3D printer.


Whiskey bottle stopper whiskey bottle stopper
Rick Weber in OH turned this whiskey bottle stopper
with a coin on top.  Great gift for Bourbon lovers.


resin top on stainless bottle opener
Nathan Scaccia in CA makes these awesome
resin bottle cap openers.  Beer lovers gift!


best wine lovers gift
Cindy Rowsey threads this wood, the nut threads
on and a new penny on top..  Best wine lovers gift!


wedding bottle stopper
Cindy Rowsey turns 2 captive rings with a new
penny in the top as a wedding gift stopper.


Cindy Rowsey, "Screw 2020" series, new penny
and the screws work.  Custom orders accepted.


best wine bottle stopper
Cindy Rowsey in IL "Screw 2020" stoppers with
turned wood screws.  They are for sale.


gifts for beer lovers
Jean LeGwin in NC turned and enhanced these
great gifts for beer lovers.


stainless steel stoppers with colored wood
Jean LeGwin in NC used colored wood to
make the simple shapes look awesome.


Niles stainless steel stoppers
Robert Hawk in ID turned these contemporary
wine bottle stoppers.Visit his Website for more.


bottle openers   
Robert Hawk in ID made these bottle
openers.  See his Website for more.

LeGwin wood

turned wood handle on stainless bottle opener
Jean LeGwin, NC, adds individual detail to each
stainless bottle opener.  Gives each one class.


beer bottle opener with colored wood handle
Jean LeGwin in NC, uses colored wood to make
beer bottle openers that are unique and pretty.


Bottle opener made in Germany
Tobias Staab in Germany used Walnut
tree and Venetian Olive wood for these!


custom stainless stopper
Lou Dornbach offers extra inset buttons
for any of his stoppers.  Lou's Etsy shop


     Niles stainless bottle opener
Dan West in OH created these two
bottle openers.  Dan's Etsy Shop


gun metal bottle opener
Jennifer Ufkin in MN used a vintage silverware
knife handle on this Gun Metal bottle opener.


Niles whiskey bottle stoppers
Bob Rotche in VA does beautiful classic
turning shapes for bottle stoppers


Tim Lauts in KS turned a great shape
the the top of a stainless stopper.


Niles stainless bottle openers
Tim Lauts in KS turned a great
bottle opener handle.



Niles bottle stoppers
Danny Frodin, NY, added a lapis
lazuli stone on top.  Etsy shop


stainless bottle opener
Steven Ball in MA turned the handle
on a stainless bottle cap opener.


Ruth Niles Bottle Stoppers
Ruth Niles turned these bottle stoppers into
interesting shapes using resin.


colorwood turned stopper top
Stefan Herbener, Germany, turned
this interestingly shaped opener.


Niles whiskey and wine bottle stoppers
Bruce Hoium in MN did a fantastic job gluing up
Ebony, Red Heart and Maple on these stoppers.


Niles bottle cap opener
Bruce Hoium in MN turned this awesome
bottle opener & can tab pull set.  Nice.


Niles bottle stoppers
Dan Stark in MI turned these great wine
bottle stoppers (R: Buckeye burl)


Niles Bottle Stoppers
Lloyd Glazer in PA turned nice stopper
shapes. Glazer Woodworking.


spalted Birch
Joaquin Juatai in NC Spalted Birch, wine and
whiskey stopper set.  See his website for more.


Niles bottle stoppers
Reece Burgoon tempered the stainless
steel bottle opener for dramatic effect.


torched stainless wine stopper
Reece Burgoon made this top and
tempered the stainless: dramatic look!


torched stainless steel bottle opener
Reece Burgoon turned this handle and
tempered the stainless opener: great effect!


Wine and Whiskey stopper set
Rick Weber in OH turned this Wine and
Whiskey bottle stopper set.  Nice work.


Vintage silverware knife handle on can tab lifter
Mary Courtright in WA used vintage silverware
knife handles on the stainless can tab pulls!


Niles bottle stoppers stainless steel
Daryl of Coryan Gifts & Crafts turned these
attractive wine/whiskey bottle stoppers.


Cat Callaway in NC turned her
first wine bottle stopper.  Nice.

Wu 1

wood top on a stainless stopper
Ping Wu in Calif., turned
this attractive bottle stopper.


Ping Wu in Calif. turned the wine stopper and the
interesting shape for the bottle opener.


cocobolo turned on a stainless wine stopper
Ray Knapp in AZ turned this
beautiful Cocobolo stopper top.

Rotche Barrel

hand carved whiskey barrel on a bottle stopper
Bob Rotch hand carved this whiskey
barrel on a whiskey bottle stopper.


snake skin in resin bottle stopper
Tim Breeding in IL made blanks using
a snake skin and sea shells.  Great!


custom stoppers for Bourbon bottles
Bourbon bottle stoppers turned by Jay Hanf
in TX.


two tone wood on stainless wine stoppers
Lloyd Glazer, PA glued up contrasting wood
and turned 5 unique stoppers.


Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers
Jay Hanf in TX made these whiskey bottle
stoppers.  Great shapes.


unique bottle opener made in France
Mr. Thierry Coinon in France created these
great bottle cap openers.


vintage silverware tap pulls
Jennifer Ufkin uses vintage silverware knife
handles on can tab pulls. See More


stainless stopper in whiskey decanter
Mike Schuler, GA, made this
Prisma stopper for a decanter.