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Get some inspiration for displaying your work.


Ted Mellin in CO has a fantastic craft show display.  Customers love it. [...]


Ted Mellin in CO has his work nicely arranged in this craft show display.  Everything [...]

Ruebush arc

This is a unique bottle stopper display.  Not a straight arc, this one by Brian [...]

Ruebush log

Brian Ruebush made a great display from a slab off a tree for a craft [...]


Perfect display, 3 stoppers on a black box adds class and the value goes up [...]


Andy Coyle in NJ is the perfect display for Niles Bottle Stoppers!  Nice shirt. [...]


Dave Richards booth setup. The tablecloths look like real boards.  Great idea! [...]

Robin Holt’s craft show booth by day is very inviting.  MoonDog Art Glass [...]


Robin Holt’s booth at night is very inviting. Visit her website to see her creations. [...]

Mark Norman

A lot of products in a small space makes this an excellent craft show display.  [...]

Norman, Mark2

Mark Norman’s organized Christmas craft show display. [...]

Norman, Mark

Mark Norman in CT, has a neat and open display for a holiday craft show. [...]

Simpson Display

John Simpson has a very small space in a gift shop.  His display uses that [...]

Simpson Shop

This shows how small the display space is that John and Mary Simpson have in [...]


Gary Heinzig, MN, displays his bottle stoppers on wine barrel slats. [...]

Terry Richards, VA

Terry Richards, VA   Great show display. Instructions [...]