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Robert Roehrig

Another great box from Robert Roehrig in FL [...]

Robert Roehrig

Robert Roehrig in FL Made this beautiful lidded box using the Joyner jig. [...]

Byron Patterson

Byron Patterson, WI Made these great looking Juniper pendants [...]


Peter Clemett, NZ, loves playing with the Joyner Off Center Jig!  Awesome creativity. [...]


Peter Wyer, Australia, turned these pendants on the Joyner Jig and did a fantastic job! [...]


Tom Ray made these beautiful pendants using the Joyner jig. [...]

Mitch Myers

Mitch Myers created these pendants using Bacote and Mahogany. [...]


Jerry Sowers, IN, created these on the Off Center Jig. [...]


Something different!  Ron Shaffer, CA, created a lollipop floral arrangement. [...]


Crystal Davis created this beautiful pendant using the Joyner Jig in just one off-set hole. [...]


Close up of flowers made on the Joyner Off set Jig by Ron Shaffer in [...]


Ron Shaffer, CA, created this on the Off Center Jig.  Front and back of the [...]


Randy Olson, AZ.  Beautiful pendants made on the Joyner Off Center jig. [...]

Harvey Bower

Harvey Bower, OR  Beautiful creation. [...]

Niles colorwood

Create unique designs using spectraply. Best supplier: Buffalo Joe [...]

Werner Witek

Werner Witek, added a touch of turquoise. [...]

Niles world green old

A few cuts, green metalic paint, black accent paint and classy beads. [...]

Steve Massman

Steve Massman; unique design [...]

Ron Verbeek

Ron Verbeek in The Netherlands.  His first attempt at two-sided off-set pendant. [...]

William Stanton

Bill Stanton, NY [...]

Niles Pendant Earring

Pendant and earring, easy duplicate of design using new Buttons with Off-Set Jig [...]

Niles Corian Jerusalem

Off-set Jerusalem stone inset on Corian pendant.  Beads at Michael’s [...]


George Daughtry, GA   Interesting off-set designs. [...]

Bob Roehrig, FL  Very unique box lid decorated using the Joyner Jig.. [...]

Patrick O’Brien

Patrick O’Brien, VA  Holly with black paint. [...]


  Mike Kuterbach, PA  Great Off-Set work. [...]


Harvey Bower in OR  turned this terrific box lid on the Joyner Off Center Jig. [...]


Two cuts, painted and branding. [...]


Arnold Ward creation [...]


Bernd Herling, Germany.  Great work. [...]

Niles Off-Set Stopper

Easy off-set top and Brass bottle stopper [...]

Jim Randall2

Jim Randall makes jar lids on the Off-Set Jig [...]