This mandrel is designed for the Shopsmith lathe. It slides over the shaft and has the set screw at the proper 3 degree angle. This mandrel can be used for bottle stoppers, light pulls, ice cream scoop handles, shaving brushes and so many more projects. 

It has a 3/8'' x 16 tpi threads witha a slit so it taps the wood and cuts sharp threads.

It comes with a free allen wrench and 2 stub drill bits: 5/16 and 21/64.

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$25.00 each

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Appears well made. I have not had a chance to turn anything, but it fits my Shopsmith perfectly. It even has the classic "pop" when you remove it which means it was machined to close tolerances.
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Have looked and used a number of mandrels for mounting blocks for turning wine stoppers. This is the only one designed just for the Shopsmith.
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I think it's a WELL MADE tool. It fits on the spindle like it should, With the proper angle on the set screw. when you pull it off, it "POPS". ONLY a SS owner will understand that. :) That's because it's made to close tolerances. The only sorts bad thing I can say it doesn't need the included allen wrench because every SS owner has a SS toolkit. I suggested it on a forum and found out they bought one also.