From: $17.50


New innovative feature makes Niles™Project mandrel the best on the market.

  • #2 Morse taper with a 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud with a tapping flute in the threads making it self-tapping.
  • 13/16″ diameter collar is the same size as all my stopper tops.
  • Can be used in Morse taper or jaw chuck (see picture) if you are a production type turner.
  • Spanner hole makes it easy to get leverage when the wood gets difficult to remove.  Just put a 1/4″ allen wrench, screw driver of rod in the hole and unthread the finished wood piece.
  • It is threaded for a 1/4″ x 20 tpi drawbar.
  • Nylon washer used as a spacer to help keep some wood from locking on too tight while turning.

*note: if the wood does get a death grip and you can’t get the project off the mandrel, put the whole thing in the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes and it will unthread once the metal and wood shrink.

Mandrel Comparison : this is a page comparing all the mandrels if you are not sure which to purchase.