Shopsmith Mandrel

From: $17.50



$20 with a 5/16″ stub drill bit ($21.60 if purchased separately)

Shopsmith mandrel has a 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud with the unique ™tapping flute making it the most efficient mandrel on the market.  It also works with other projects: ice cream scoops, shaving brushes, pizza cutters, etc.  It has a black oxide coating to prevent rust.  The 13/16″ diameter collar is the same size as stopper tops.

Mandrels come with a thread-protector cap and a nylon washer to be used as a spacer to help keep some wood from locking on too tight when you are turning your project. *note: if the wood does get a death grip and you can’t get the project off the mandrel, put the whole thing in the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes and it will unthread once the metal shrinks.

You may find my Bottoming Tap handy for the really tough wood and acrylics.

Made in Missouri, USA