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Solid FDA approved Brass
FDA  nitrile O-rings,
Lifetime Guarantee on stoppers and o-rings
Made and patented in the USA

The most elegant stopper on the market with superior sealing in the majority of bottles.
It is shaped like the corks used for thousands of years and it fits just about all variety of bottles.  It fits screw-top bottles as well as corked bottles and  2 of the o-rings make contact with the inside of the bottle to form a tighter seal.  To put it in the bottle, give a little twist to compress the o-rings, push down and it creates a beautiful friction fit. This is the same brass that is used in all the water couplings in the country and used to make brass wine goblets.  Everyone who loves brass also loves the patina it will eventually develop.

This style is used for golf balls, wood orbs, glass marbles and blown glass orbs. The top is concave with a counter bore making it much easier to center your piece.  Because it has very little taper, it stands nicely with a glass orb on top and you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.  The outer top diameter is 13/16″ and it stands 1 1/2″ tall.  This is a new product and I only have pictures of tops on the stainless steel one in this style.

If you have any questions, email Carl Jacobson at or call 503-939-4565, PST.

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