Niles Sampler Kit



  • 2 each BR-9000 brass stoppers (reg. 14.90)
  • 2 each SS-9000 stainless stoppers (reg. 14.90)
  • 2 each stainless Bottle Openers (reg. 17.40)
  • 2 each SS-8000 stainless stoppers (reg. 12.90)
  • 2 each SS-6000 stainless stoppers (reg. 12.90)
  • Project ™ mandrel of choice w/nylon spacer washer. See Mandrel Comparison for all choices.
  • 5/16″ stub drill bit
  • Draw bar of choice: (reg. 5.50)
    • 16″ for full size lathe
    • 10″ for mini lathe
    • NOTE: The mandrels that thread on the spindle do not need a draw bar: choose No Draw Bar and I will send you an extra stopper or opener.
      *pictures show how a draw bar is used to keep the mandrel tight in the spindle.

The perfect starter kit for making bottle stoppers and bottle openers, both are made from FDA food compliant 304 stainless steel.  The mandrels have a ™ tapered flute in the threads making it the most efficient tapping mandrel on the market; they have a black oxide coating to prevent rust.   There is no right style mandrel, it is a personal preference and your turning practices.   This is a $106.25 value!

All my products are only made in Missouri, USA!

If you have any questions, call me at 717-486-5232 or email  Being a woodturner for 29 years, I can help.

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