Bottle Stopper and Opener Sampler Kit



  • 2 each BR-9000 brass stoppers (reg. 14.90)
  • 2 each SS-9000 stainless stoppers (reg. 14.90)
  • 2 each stainless Bottle Openers (reg. 17.40)
  • 2 each SS-8000 stainless stoppers (reg. 12.90)
  • 2 each SS-6000 stainless stoppers (reg. 12.90)
  • Project mandrel of choice w/nylon spacer washer. See Mandrel Comparison for all choices. (reg. 18.75)
  • 5/16″ and 21/64″ stub drill bits: the 21/64″ for acrylic and very hard wood; the 5/16″ for most
    native woods. (reg. 9.00)
  • Draw bar of choice: (reg. 5.50)
    • 16″ for full size lathe
    • 10″ for mini lathe
    • NOTE: If you don’t need a draw bar, email me which additional stopper you would like.
      *pictures show how a draw bar is used to keep the mandrel tight in the spindle.

The perfect starter kit for making bottle stoppers and bottle openers. This beginner kit has everything you need to get started and a sampling of the stopper styles so you can decide which you like best.

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