Premium Sample Kit

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* Stainless 9000 Wine Stopper   $7.45
* Brass 9000 Wine Stopper $7.55
* Stainless 3000 Contemporary Wine Stopper $7.45
* Stainless 6000 Contemporary Wine Stopper $6.15
* Stainless 8000 Classic Wine Stopper $7.00
* Niles Can Tab Pull $4.88
* Niles Bottle Cap Opener $8.70
* Stainless 4000 Whiskey Stopper $7.55
* Brass 4000 Whiskey Stopper $7.65
* Stainless 610 Small Whiskey Stopper $7.45
* Stainless 620 Medium Whiskey Stopper $7.93
* Stainless 630 Top Shelf Whiskey Stopper $8.25

$88.01 Value   SPECIAL $79.20!

The perfect starter kit for making bottle stoppers and openers. We have the only bottle cap opener with 360 degree functionality!  Niles is the only place where you can get 4 different size and style stoppers and the only solid brass stoppers on the market. Other companies have several variations of shapes however they are all the same diameter so if one doesn’t fit, none of them will fit.  With this package you will have a sample of each diameter stopper to test in any bottle.   The 5 o-ring style for wine and whiskey; the 4 o-ring style for every wine bottle, Balsamic vinegar, some oil and some liquor bottles.  Also the NEW 610, 620 and 630 for Bourbon and liquor bottles of all sizes.  All stoppers and openers are FDA food compliant stainless or brass as are the o-rings and they all have a life-time guarantee.  We only use 304 18-8 FDA food compliant grade stainless steel and all made and patented in the USA and only made in Missouri.
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