Whiskey Sample Kit

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This whiskey sample kit includes the 4 popular stoppers that fit bottles with larger necks than the standard wine or whiskey bottles.  The SS-610 fits bottles that are 15/16″ or less diameter: SS-620 fits bottles that are 1″ or less diameter: SS-630 fits bottles that are 1 1/6″ or less diameter.  These stoppers are identified with grooves around the base: 610 has 1 groove, 620 has 2 grooves and 630 has 3 grooves.  The SS-4000 fits bottles that are 15/16″ or less but have 2 additional o-rings that will fit almost any bottle.  You don’t want to use it in a bottle where only one of the bottom 2 o-rings fit as there will be 3 o-rings sticking up out of the bottle.   The 2 adapters are for the SS-620 and SS-630 to serve as a guide if you like to do the transition from the wood to the stopper.  **note: it’s difficult to say which brands any stopper will fit as each “brand” may have several bottle size offerings.  All of Niles stoppers are from FDA 304 18-8 food grade stainless steel and all are made and patented in the USA.

If you have any questions contact Carl Jacobson (west coast): nilesstopper@gmail.com or 503-939-4565.