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Greg Wilz ND

Greg Wilz in ND made these great looking stoppers.

Chris Whittaker

Christ Whittaker GA Made this great looking textured bottle stopper.


Ken Sandahl in WA Made these awesome off-center stoppers


A few more from Kervin in TX


Kervin Hoffman in TX has been busy. Great looking stoppers

Mike Hurst

Mike Hurst UT Amazing galaxy stoppers

Mike Hurst

Mike Hurst UT Made these beautiful jellyfish stoppers.

Kyle love

Kyle love in FL turned this great Spectraply stopper.


Andrew in the UK turned this great wine bottle stoppers.

Bonnie Eichler

Bonnie Eichler in CA. Made this great looking whiskey stoppers out of African Paduk.

Kelle Riley

Another beautiful one from Kelle

Kelle Riley

Kelle Riley in OR Made this great looking glass stopper

Bill Glatzel

Bill Glatzel CA A few more great looking stoppers from Bill

Bill Glatzel

Bill Glatzel in CA Turned this great looking assortment of stoppers

Peter Baum

Peter Baum in OH Cast these really cool and unique stoppers.

Travis Beck

Travis Beck TX Cast and turned these great looking stoppers.

Melissa Jackson

Melissa Jackson in CA turned this great looking Mahogany stopper

Erin Allred

Erin Allred in TX made these awesome gnome bottle stoppers

Steve Emery

Steve Emery in WA made these awesome stoppers and opener out of piano parts from [...]


James Carter in TX turned this great looking stopper out of Texas Mesquite.


     Chris Betts in NC cast and turned this great looking stopper.


Ed Salisbury turned this great Spectraply stopper.


Jeremy Henderson in Alabama turned these great shaped stoppers.


Another great looking stopper from Peter Urasky


Brad Campana turned these two stoppers. The stone inlay looks great.


Tim Boddy turned this very unique stopper. he used a drawer pull and a piece [...]

Bar set

Don Bertschman made this bar set: stopper, opener and the middle one is a paring [...]


Paul Ketola from California made these beautiful sea stone stoppers.

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the shape.  Visit her Etsy page.