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Mike Hurst

Mike Hurst UT Amazing galaxy stoppers [...]

Mike Hurst

Mike Hurst UT Made these beautiful jellyfish stoppers. [...]

Kyle love

Kyle love in FL turned this great Spectraply stopper. [...]


Andrew in the UK turned this great wine bottle stoppers. [...]

Bonnie Eichler

Bonnie Eichler in CA. Made this great looking whiskey stoppers out of African Paduk. [...]

Kelle Riley

Another beautiful one from Kelle [...]

Kelle Riley

Kelle Riley in OR Made this great looking glass stopper [...]

Bill Glatzel

Bill Glatzel CA A few more great looking stoppers from Bill [...]

Bill Glatzel

Bill Glatzel in CA Turned this great looking assortment of stoppers [...]

Peter Baum

Peter Baum in OH Cast these really cool and unique stoppers. [...]

Travis Beck

Travis Beck TX Cast and turned these great looking stoppers. [...]

Melissa Jackson

Melissa Jackson in CA turned this great looking Mahogany stopper [...]

Erin Allred

Erin Allred in TX made these awesome gnome bottle stoppers [...]

Steve Emery

Steve Emery in WA made these awesome stoppers and opener out of piano parts from [...]


James Carter in TX turned this great looking stopper out of Texas Mesquite. [...]


     Chris Betts in NC cast and turned this great looking stopper. [...]


Ed Salisbury turned this great Spectraply stopper. [...]


Jeremy Henderson in Alabama turned these great shaped stoppers. [...]


Another great looking stopper from Peter Urasky [...]


Brad Campana turned these two stoppers. The stone inlay looks great. [...]


Tim Boddy turned this very unique stopper. he used a drawer pull and a piece [...]

Bar set

Don Bertschman made this bar set: stopper, opener and the middle one is a paring [...]


Paul Ketola from California made these beautiful sea stone stoppers. [...]

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the shape.  Visit her Etsy page. [...]