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Kelle Riley

Another beautiful one from Kelle [...]

Kelle Riley

Kelle Riley in OR Made this great looking glass stopper [...]

Karen Robbins

Karen Robbins, NM.  Visit her website.  [...]

Casey Harefeld

Casey Harefeld, OR  Beautiful flowers. [...]

Matt Greenwood

Matt Greenwood, CA   BEAUTIFUL! [...]

Donna Gordon

Donna Gordon, CO.  Awesome glass art. [...]

Anthony Gima, PA

Anthony Gima, PA Very artistic blown glass! [...]

Vaigale Duers, FL

Vaigale Duers, FLUnique beadwork [...]

Robin Evans

Robin EvansRobin is a distributor for my stoppersonAmazon and Etsy [...]

Pete Beaton, WI

Pete Beaton, WI.  The word “Wine” is in the center of the glass. [...]

Dave Coen, MN

Dave Coen, MN [...]

Bryan Randa, MA

Bryan Randa, MA, made these antastic creations randaglass.com [...]

Christiana Hancox, England

Christiana Hancox, UK9000 Brass stopper [...]

Gail Allard, TX

Gail Allard, TxSalado Glassworks [...]

David Coen, MN

David Coen, MN [...]

Dianne deJolsvay, MN

Dianne deJolsvay, MN [...]

Tim Keyzers, WA

Tim Keyzers, WA, designed my 8038 stopperfor his unique marbles. [...]

Christiana Hancox, England

Christiana Hancox, EnglandOne-of-a-kind beadwork. [...]

Jon Felix, WA

Jon Felix, WA  Great bead work [...]

Gertie Zeiter, BC Canada

Gertie Zeiter, BC Canada  Sweet designs. [...]

Colette Becker, Luxembourg

Colette Becker, Luxenbourg Original bead designs [...]

Kate Rodrigue, OR

  Kate Rodrigue, OR, puts herbs in resin then turns the shapes! [...]

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA glass sculpture [...]

Katrin Berger, Switzerland

Katrin Berger, SwitzerlandBeautiful beadwork. [...]

Timothy School Bakers, Harleysville, PA

Timothy School Bakers, Harleysville, PAA school for the autistic. [...]

Christine Smith, PA

Christine Smith, PA [...]

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA More at: GlassSculpture.org [...]

Cal Breed, Ft. Payne, AL

Cal Breed, Ft. Payne, ALMore at: OrbixHotGlass.com [...]

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA Intriguing glass sculpture design. More at: GlassScuplture.org [...]

Ben LaBrecque, ID

Ben LaBrecque, ID Visit:  LaBrecque Glass Works [...]

Toni Bahnsen, OH

Toni Bahnsen, OHBeautiful bead work. [...]

Tyler Piebes, ME

Tyler Piebes, ME Perfect glass whale tail. [...]