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Brad Campana turned these two stoppers. The stone inlay looks great.


Tim Boddy turned this very unique stopper. he used a drawer pull and a piece [...]

Bar set

Don Bertschman made this bar set: stopper, opener and the middle one is a paring [...]

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO Eccentric turning. More at etsy

Alex Balmeseda, NY

Alex Balmaseda, NYFantastic turned bottle stoppers.

Dan West

Dan West, OH

Joshua Steinke

Joshua Steinke, NC.  Awesome work.

Bob Rosand

Bob Rosand in PA.  

Wade Harvey

Wade Harvey, VA  (excellent!)

Wade Harvey

Wade Harvey, VA  

Dave Cunningham

Dave Cunningham, HI

Jim Neyman

Jim Neyman, PA  Solid brass stoppers

Joe Fleming

Joe Fleming, CA.   All about airbrushing; Joe’s Website

Harry LeBlanc

Harry LeBlanc, small sizes work very nicely. 

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett, TN  Nice enhancements.

Dave Hotchkiss

Dave Hotchkiss, MI   Cute!

Andy McCrory

Andy McCrory

Brad Adams, CA

Brad Adams, CAWebsite: Benicia.comWonderful shapes for natural edge burl.

Chris Stehle, CA

Chris Stehle, CAWood with Surf Resin

Rick Riley, Fort Worth, TX

Rick Riley, TX, tops his stoppers with leather letters in resin

Shellie Glover, SC

Shellie Glover, unique shapes.

Arizona Center for the Blind

Made by visually impaired clients at the Arizona Center for the Blind

Lonnie Hurst, AZ

Lonnie Hurst, AZL: Jerusalem stone insetsWood Synthesis

Martha Collins, WA

Martha Collins, WA. Artful Home, Martha’s work!


Mark Detrick, PA.  Comfortable shapes.

Lew Kauffman, PA

Lew Kauffman, PA Amish stopper!

Ruth Niles, mushroom

Embellish a simple shape to add class.

Rick O’Ryan, NM

Rick O’Ryan, NMMade using the Joyner Off-Set Jig

Jason Rockhold, IL

Jason Rockhold, IL Love the perfect shape.

Peter Baum, hats

Peter Baum, OH Awesome hats.

Peter Baum, OH

Peter Baum, very classy bottle stoppers. Super Steampunk!

Marie McDonough, IL

Marie McDonough Beautiful carving!