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Haleigh Niles

    Mike and Haleigh Niles Great idea using sea shells. [...]

Niles ski caps

Ruth Niles, Hat stoppers fit over the neck of the bottle. How to turn a [...]

John Solberg, TX

John Solberg, Denton, TXOff-center turning. [...]

Skip Wilbur, Cordova, TN

Skip Wilbur, Cordova, TNThe cigar stopper is awonderful gift for men! [...]

Keith Tompkins, NY

Keith Tompkins, NY, turns the most amazing creations, he even turned the corks! Website [...]

Martha Collins, WA

Martha Collins, WA More of Martha’s work [...]

Brad Sears

Brad Sears, Great design! Push Pin and holder! [...]

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX Fantastic carving! More at: Etsy [...]

Keith Kapp, PA

Keith Kapp, PA, made these unique bottle stoppers. [...]

Ruth Niles mouse

Ruth Niles [...]

Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ

   Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ Hand carved stoppers. More at Etsy. [...]

Mike Niles, FL

Mike Niles, FL.  Simple design with a lot of personality. [...]

Doug Wieland, Fresno, CA

Doug Wieland, Fresno, CAWonderful variety of shapes. [...]

Niles Monk

“Vineyard Monk”: the stopper is inside so it comes down over the bottle neck.. [...]

Christos Kontodimas, Brussels, Belgium

Christos Kontodimas, Brussels, Belgium“Margritte’s Men” series arispens@scarlet.be [...]

Gregg Kristophel, Harmony, PA

Gregg Kristophel, PAGregg’s work at etsy [...]

George Wurtzel, MN

George Wurtzel, TN, where he started Ginko Gallery with his amazing work.  See George in [...]

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

C.J. Solberg, Denton, TX [...]

Eric Bunn, New Jersey

    Eric Bunn in NJ Holland Woodworks [...]

Bert Long, Lewes, DE

Bert Long, Lewes, DE [...]

Bert Long, Lewes, DE

Bert Long, Lewes, DE [...]