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Dave Bell, Ontario

Dave Bell, Ontario“Nemo” just too cute!

Marie McDonough, IL

Marie McDonough

Mark Andrews, CA

Mark Andrews, CAGreat stoppers

Lonnie Hurst, AZ

Lonnie Hurst, AZ

Michael Page, AZ

Michael Page, AZPepper Grinder, stopper set

Frank Kobilsek, Mendota, IL

Frank Koblisek, IL Super design!

Elias Khalilieh, Israel

Elias Khalilieh, IsraelBethlehem OlivewoodJerusalem stone inset

Beth Cragg, MI

Beth Cragg, MIAdorable birds

Elias Khalilieh, Israel

Elias Khalilieh, Israel Bethlehem Olivewood

Daniel Cole, AL

Daniel Cole, AL

Tom Borener, OR

Tom Borener, OR

Larry Blumer, GA

Larry Blumer, GAPaduak wood

Lou Dornbach, VA

Lou Dornbach, VAInterchangeable cabochons

Jeff Borda, OH

Jeff Borda, OH.  Watch in resin

Vicki Somers, OK

Vicki Somers in OK did this simple yet elegant stopper.

Ken Como, NY

Ken Como, NY

John Traeger, MN

John Traeger.  Fantastic shape! Etsy page.

Shellie Glover

Shellie Sturm in SC turned these interesting shapes..

Donald Earls, NC

Donald Earls, NCNice display.

Doug Bean, Edmonton, Alberta

Doug Bean in Edmonton, Alberta

Henry Doolittle, WA

  Henry Doolittle, WA, turned the aluminum bell and the wood handle for the bottle [...]

Dolan Brown, NC

Dolan Brown, pleasant shapes

Joe Penn, GA

Joe Penn, GA Turned colored pencils.

Keith Kapp, PA

Keith Kapp, PA, carved these fireman hat stoppers.

Ken Como, NY

Ken Como, NY, creates very unique stoppers! Ken’s website with fun items.

Chris Thompson, MI

Chris Thompson, MI Beautiful Stoppers and unique display stand.

Niles plunger

Little plunger! Dyed cherry and ash handle.

Marie McDonough, IL

Marie McDonough, IL Hand carved wood roses and stands.

Brian Lensink

Brian Lensink made this stopper. that is only 5/8″ above the top of the bottle.  [...]

Terry Richards, VA

Terry Richards, VA   Great show display. Instructions

Keith Kapp, PA

Keith Kapp, PA, turned this perfect wood apple.

Jim Ghostley, MN

Jim Ghostley, MNBeautiful carving!