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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available

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Poker Run 2020 auction
Patrick Cruz, FL, to be auctioned for "19th
Annual Breast Cancer Poker Run 2020"


football cap stainless stopper
Eldon Ballenger, IA, made this really cute
Georgia Bulldogs cap bottle stopper.

Dan Breeding

stainless wine stopper
Dan Breeding, WA, turned this
awesome bottle stopper.


Niles stainless stopper with resin on top
Bennett Woodcraft, MA.
Great shape, turned resin.


Niles stainless stoppers Koa turnings
Ryan Hatch, WA. Turned these beautiful
whiskey bottle stoppers from Koa wood.


Niles whiskey bottle stopper
Bennett Woodcraft, MA.  Great
top for Whiskey bottle stopper.


Niles stainless stoppers
Westen Patton, VA, turned 3 unique stoppers


Vessel series stainless stoppers
Scott Johnston, Vessel Series
stainless stoppers.  Beautiful!


pewter accent on stainless stopper
Super!  Pewter finial, Vessel
Series by Scott Johnston.


gift for wine lovers
Perfect gift for wine lovers!  This
is by Scott Johnston: website


fine woodworking stainless stopper
Fine woodworking stainless
stopper by Scott Johnston.


stainless stopper with turned wood top
Scott Johnston turned this to match
a large turning he did (website)


whiskey bottle stopper
Justin Walker created these stainless steel
and brass whiskey bottle stopper.


stainless wine bottle stopper
Scott Johnston created this
awesome design (website)


stainless steel stoppers
Galen Tuma, NE turned these beautiful stoppers.
He also made the perfect display stand.


Whiskey and Wine bottle stoppeers
Doug Lowery in VA turned this great array of
whiskey and wine bottle stoppers.


whiskey decanter
Philip Paul Reynolds, GA
turned a whiskey decanter top.


stainless whiskey stopper
Jason Dodge, WI. Great
stainless whiskey stopper!


brass whiskey bottle stopper
Jason Dodge, WI made
this brass whiskey stopper


stainless stopper
Stephen Ellis, KY a shot
glass spalted bottle stopper


stainless steel whiskey bottle stopper
Stephen Ellis, KY made
from Big Leaf Maple burl


stainless steel bottle stopper turned wood
Scott Johnston, 2 more awesome creations.
Visit Scott's Website to see more..


stainless steel bottle stopper from Ireland
Great turnings by David Condon in Ireland.
Awesome shapes.


stainless steel bottle stopper
Scott Johnston.  Great creative
enhancement.  Website


woodturning with pyrography detailing
Scott Johnston.  Absolutely
beautiful!  Website


maple with burned detail wine stopper
Scott Johnston is very artistic
creating bottle stoppers. More..

Johnston cutout

turned and carved wood with beautiful grain on stopper
Limited Edition, all pieces numbered.
by artist Scott Johnston, CA  Site

Johnston flowers

Best gift for wine lovers
Limited Edition, each is numbered.  Created by
Scott Johnston in CA.  Wine Lovers Gift!


best gift for wine lovers
Just Awesome!  Wine stopper
by Scott Johnston (website)

Tom Bennett

Olive wood Bourbon bottle stopper
Tom Bennett, MT.  Turned from a piece
of 150-yr old Olive Wood.  Perfect!


Red Heart wood turned brass bottle stopper
Tana Munoz, TX.  Perfect!  Turned
from Red Heart wood, brass stopper.


Great gift for wine lovers
Tony Schmitt, MO.  Beautiful work, all Niles
stainless stoppers.


bottle cap opener and bottle stopper
Peter Vines, VA, turned the bottle cap opener
wine bottle stopper and spinning top.


colorwood on stainless wine stopper
Steve Bennett, colorgrain wood
and a great shape.


Japanese doll bottle stoppers
Mr. Kakizawa in Japan makes these unique
bottle stoppers.  Superb craftsmanship.


Hidden bottle stopper
Fantastic Idea!  Jim Baustian, DE, puts the
stopper inside the barrel so it fits over the neck.


best stainless stoppers
Bobby Hoke, TX.  Perfect gift for wine lovers.


whiskey bottle stoppers
Roger Ziegler, WI.  Segmented design
and "Z" initial made with wood pegs.


turned wood on stainless wine stopper
Dwight Alwine in
Essex, UK. Turned
from wild Juniper.

J Holm snakewood

wine bottle stopper from snakewood
J Holm, Denmark, loves turning
snakewood for bottle stoppers.


woodburning on stainless wine stopper
Kimberly Glover did awesome burning
detail on this stopper.


complete stainless kitchen set
Larry Briski, CO.  Complete Kitchen Set: bottle
stoppers, openers, tenderizers, tab lifter. Great!


woodturned tops on stainless stoppers
Bryan Simmons, Mass.  Home bar gift set: wine
stopper, bourbon stopper, bottle cap opener!


wine bottle stopper made in UK
Dwight Alwine, UK turned
this from White Yew.
Dwight's Website


segmented wood stainless bottle stop
Robert Franklin turned this great
shape.  See his Etsy shop.


Argentinean Lingum Vitae on stainless stoppers
Brian Merz, OH, turned these from Marblewood
and Argentinean Lingum Vitae

Cunningham second

Cocobolo top on stainless stopper perfect gift
This shape is very comfortable to use.  Made
by Dave Cunningham in Hawaii.

Cunningham hat

Hostess gift wine stopper
Dave Cunningham, HI.  Perfect low-profile
wine stopper made from cocobolo wood.

L Rodrigues2

Hawaiian woodturner stainless wine stoppers
Simply elegant laminated wood-turned wine
bottle stoppers by Larry Rodrigues in Hawaii.


various unique wine gifts bottle stoppers
Forrest Forschmiedt, VA.  Very nice array
of bottle stopper shapes.

Ron Wilson

turquoise inlay in wood wine bottle stoppers
Ron Wilson, GA.  Great turquoise inlay work.
Visit Ron's etsy page

Hotz 4

can tab lifter, wine stopper, whiskey stopper
Walter Hotz, GA. Can tab lifter, 2 whiskey
stoppers and wine stopper.  Nice woodturning.


colorwood wine bottle stopper
Mark Mayo, CA, uses the
colorwood horizontally.


Curly Koa bottle stopper
Tom Bennett turned this beauty
from Curly Koa.  Website


turned stopper, woodburned, unique bottle stopper decorated bottle stopper
Kimberly Glover, FL.  Ornate woodburning
detail.  Top-Shelf bottle stopper!

Orosz 2more

Stainless wine bottle stoppers with turned wood
Andrea Orosz, unique shapes on these
wine bottle stoppers.


Turquoise inlay in wood on stainless stopper
Rocky Phillips, TX
Nice Turquoise inlay trim.

Whiskey stopper and Bottle Opener
Larry Rodrigues, HI, turned a nice bottle
opener and whiskey stopper set.


Gifts for Wine Lovers
Stacey Carlton in TX.  Great stoppers!


Stainless Whiskey Bottle stopper
Paul Grover, SC, on the L is a whiskey
stopper, purple is a wine stopper.