Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery ~ Wood

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available

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Shellie Glover

Shellie Sturm in SC turned these
interesting shapes..

Donald Earls, NC

Donald Earls, NC
Nice display.

Doug Bean, Edmonton, Alberta

Doug Bean in Edmonton, Alberta

Henry Doolittle, WA

Henry Doolittle, WA, turned the aluminum bell
and the wood handle for the bottle stopper.

Dolan Brown, NC

Dolan Brown, pleasant shapes

Ken Como, NY

Ken Como, NY, creates very unique stoppers!
Ken's website with fun items.

Chris Thompson, MI

Chris Thompson, MI
Beautiful Stoppers and unique display stand.

Rick Riley, Fort Worth, TX

Rick Riley, Fort Worth, TX
Chess piece stoppers.

Niles plunger

Plunger turned wood bottle stopper
Little plunger!
Dyed cherry and ash handle.

Brian Lensink

Brian Lensink made this stopper.
that is only 5/8" above the top of
the bottle.  See more.

Keith Kapp, PA

Keith Kapp, PA, turned this
perfect wood apple.

Sue McLam, VT

Sue McLam, VT
A pair of gold leaf stoppers.

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

Hand carved cowboy bottle stopperHand carved cowboy bottle stopper

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX
Fantastic carved bottle stoppers. More at: Etsy

Haleigh Niles


Mike and Haleigh Niles
Great idea using sea shells.

Niles ski caps

Knit hat bottle stopper examples

Ruth Niles,
Hat stoppers fit over the neck of the
How to turn a knit cap

John Solberg, TX

Off-center wood turning, duck stopper

John Solberg, Denton, TX
Off-center turning.

Skip Wilbur, Cordova, TN

'Cigar' shaped stopper with an actual cigar band

Skip Wilbur, Cordova, TN
The cigar stopper is a
wonderful gift for men!

Keith Tompkins, NY

wine goblet wood turned on stainless wine bottle stopper

Keith Tompkins, NY, turns the most amazing
creations, he even turned the corks! Website

Martha Collins, WA

Martha Collins, WA
More of Martha's work

Brad Sears

Brad Sears, Great design!
Push Pin and holder!

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX
Fantastic carving! More at: Etsy

Shannon Cable

skateboard on stainless wine bottle stopper
Shannon Cable uses wood from
skateboards. Shove It Designs

Mike Niles, FL

Mike Niles, FL.  Simple design
with a lot of personality.

Doug Wieland, Fresno, CA

Doug Wieland, Fresno, CA
Wonderful variety of shapes.

Niles Monk

"Vineyard Monk": the stopper is inside
so it comes down over the bottle neck..

Christos Kontodimas, Brussels, Belgium

Christos Kontodimas, Brussels, Belgium
"Margritte's Men" series

George Wurtzel, MN

George Wurtzel, TN, where he started Ginko Gallery
with his amazing work.  See George in the Subaru tv ad