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Gary McLean in TX  turned the perfect stopper Sombrero for his Tequila! [...]

Williams Jeff3

Jeff Williams made these stoppers with resin in shells. He works with BARN in Bainbridge [...]

Williams Jeff2

Jeff Williams, WA, turned this array of stoppers using mostly brass stopper bases. [...]

Williams Jeff

Jeff Williams, another stopper with resin poured into a shell and turned. [...]


Don Wolfe in Calif. uses golf ball markers in the tops of bottle stoppers.  Great [...]


Awesome bottle stopper and base done by Steve Mawson.  Perfect basket weave illusion work. [...]


Steve Mawson, NE, turned this stopper and base then did the basket weave illusion work.  [...]


Mark Abner in KY turned this beautiful bottle stopper and shot glass.  Terrific work! [...]


Larry Sutton mounted a Challenge coin to the stopper with clear epoxy.  Wow! [...]

Mouser 5.6

Gary Mouser, TX, beautiful red swirl stopper and perfect blue can tab pull. [...]

Mouser 3.4

      Green resin stopper with purple swirls. Wood wine stopper by Gary Mouser. [...]

Mouser 1.2

    Gary Mouser, TX, left; resin whiskey stopper: right, turned wood wine stopper. [...]

Rinde 4

Jim Rinde’s grandson put a Tea Tree flower in clear resin to create this bottle [...]


Jim Rinde, CA, put Pink Breath of Heaven flower in clear resin.  Beautiful. [...]


Another beauty by Jim Rinde and his grandson.  Terrific wine bottle stopper. [...]


Kirk Amidon in MA made this great array of bottle stoppers and ice cream scoop. [...]


Matt Dorsten in OH turned this wine barrel stopper from Cedar. [...]


A fantastic set of wine bottle stoppers by Matt Dorsten in OH.  The wood is [...]


Matt Dorsten in OH turned this great whiskey bottle stopper.  Nice work. [...]


Kieran Goodman in MI turned this resin honey comb bottle stopper.  Very nice. [...]


Jana Smith in FL turned this wine/whiskey stopper and put the stamp covered with resin [...]


David McKibben in WA turned this whiskey stopper from Pacific Yew with a silver quarter [...]

Bridges, Jerry

Jerry Bridges in TX does just enough enhancement to create unique stoppers. [...]


Bill Parsons in GA turned this attractive wine bottle stopper from colorwood. [...]


Best wine bottle stopper array of shapes, colors and design by Rick Woodard in WY. [...]


Steve Kesler in PA was busy making bottle stoppers and bottle openers.  Very nice array [...]


Rick Woodard, Wyoming Wood Artisan turned this awesome whiskey bottle stopper. [...]


Cindy Drozda, professional woodturner, created this adorable owl bottle stopper.  Learn How to make this [...]


Steve Mawson in NE makes the neatest basket weave illusion bottle stoppers.  So amazing. [...]

Wohlgemuth broken glass

Steve Wohlgemuth put the broken glass from a Jewish wedding in resin, made this for [...]


Michael Daniels in MA carved this Santa wine bottle stopper. [...]


Randy Pearson in OR turned these two unique wine bottle stoppers.  Pretty.   [...]