SS-3000 Contemporary Style

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$6.90 per unit for buying at least 10

$6.50 per unit for buying at least 20

$5.55 per unit for buying at least 45

$5.20 per unit for buying at least 100


* Solid FDA food compliant stainless steel 304 18-8
* FDA  food compliant nitrile O-rings,
* Lifetime Guarantee on stoppers and o-rings
* Made and Patented in the USA

This Contemporary Wine stopper has modern, sleek lines.   It is the exact same size as the SS-9000 with the curved bottom, both have the Superior Seal that fits the majority of bottles. It can stand on a shelf or windowsill when not in use so your artwork is always on display. It has the 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud as all of my products. The top diameter is 13/16″ and it is 1 1/4″ tall (not including the stud).

This unique stopper design gives you more marketing capabilities when combined with the SS-4000 Contemporary whiskey stopper for a set.  As the picture shows, 2 o-rings make contact with the inside of the bottle.  These also fit a lot of the olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles as shown in photo.  Many people see stoppers and think wine and if they don’t drink wine, they don’t buy your stoppers.  The top is taller above the o-rings for room to engrave a recipients name: ideal for weddings, new home, retirement, etc.

If you have any questions, please email or call; 717-486-5232. I have been a woodturner for 29 years and sell my turning work so I can answer all questions.

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