1/4″ – 20 tpi draw bars for mandrels #2MT-A and #2MT-B.
The draw bar is used to hold the mandrel firmly in the Morse taper to prevent it from coming loose while turning. If you gently tap the mandrel into the spindle and use the tailstock for your initial turning, the draw bar isn’t always necessary. If you prefer to shape the whole blank on the mandrel without the tailstock, you will need the draw bar.

*note: you can make your own draw bar, get 1/4-20 allthread from any hardware store, a wing nut and a large washer to fit the allthread: you can use bolt cutters to cut the rod to your exact length. Warning: Do not have more than 1″ of rod protruding out the back.

15″ bar for full-size lathes
9″ bar for mini lathes

Lathes Specifications: here is a list of lathe spindle sizes and Morse taper if you are not sure.