Lathe Arbor Kit

From: $19.75


NEW ~ Take Anywhere Lathe Arbor with buffing wheels!
COMPLETE PACKAGE with 2 Buffing Wheels only $33.75

* Arbor with 6″ Buffing Wheel        $26.75
* Arbor with 4″ Buffing Wheel        $25.75
* Arbor                                           $19.75

This lathe arbor was designed by Bonnie Klein, professional woodturner, to use at demonstrations.  It is great for having in your booth at craft shows where you can just thread the mandrel on your lathe with a buffing wheel and demonstrate putting the finish on your project to the customers.  No need to lug a grinder and find a place to put if in your booth (usually behind you) then you have to turn your back on customers while you buff.  You can also use it for sharpening demonstration and get your favorite grinding wheel or use wire wheels to demonstrate enhancements on the wood (see photo of arbor with wire wheel).  You can buy any wire wheel or grinding wheel at your favorite hardware store.  Just be sure it has a 1/2″ arbor hole or a bushing reducer.

The arbor is available with 1″ x 8 tpi If you demo at clubs, get both and you are sure to have one that fits the club’s lathe.  The threaded stud is 1/2″ diameter, 1 1/2″ long and comes with 2 jam nuts and 2 washers 1.25″ diameter.   You can order the lathe arbor with 4″ and 6″ buffing wheels.  The wheels are cotton, spiral sewn, 1″ thick with 1/2″ arbor hole.  Order extra wheels here.

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