M33x3.5 Niles ™Mandrel

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From: $19.50


$19.50    This M33 x 3.5mm threaded mandrel fits the larger Oneway lathes

$26.98 with 2 stub drill bits: 5/16″ and 11/32″    $27.70 value

$30.98 with 2 stub drill bits and 3/8″ tap            $32.95 value

This Niles ™mandrel threads onto the head stock spindle and has the unique tapered-cut flute making it the best self-tapping mandrel on the market.   It has a 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud that works with just about all the stoppers on the market and numerous other projects: ice cream scoop handles, shaving brushes, pizza cutters, etc.  They have a black oxide coating for rust prevention.  The neck or step below the threaded stud is 13/16″ diameter which matches the tops of all my stoppers.  This mandrel does not use a draw bar.  It comes with 2 nylon spacers (a spare because you will lose one!) which are used to help keep the wood from locking on the mandrel as you turn it.  Use a 1 1/16″ wrench on the flats to start turning mandrel off the spindle or to hold it steady while unscrewing your finished piece..

*Tip: if the wood does get a death grip and you can’t get the project off the mandrel, put it in the freezer for 25 minutes and it will unthread once the metal shrinks.  Also try a little beeswax or soap on the mandrel before threading it into the wood.

The shorter stub drill bits won’t “wander” if they hit a tight wood grain.  The 5/16″ is the standard size when threading a 3/8″ hole; the 11/32″ is for dense wood, acrylic and resins.

The Spiral Tap cuts the threads the fastest and cleanest but you do need to drill the hole 1/4″ deeper as, like a regular tap, the threads don’t start right at the bottom.

Check this page:  Mandrel Comparison if you are not sure which mandrel to purchase: this page explains the differences and usages.  If you are still unsure, call me: 717-486-5232 and I will help you out.

Lathes Specifications: here is a list of lathe spindle sizes and Morse taper if you are not sure.

*Basic bottle stopper turning video (threading the mandrel starts at about 3 min.): Roper Woodturning

Niles original mandrels are only made in Missouri.

If you have any questions, email Carl Jacobson at nilesstopper@gmail.com or call 503-939-4565, PST.