Basic Sample Kit



Reg. value $72.20  SPECIAL  $64.98

Package includes:
SS-8000 = reg. 7.00
SS-6000 = reg. 6.15
SS-9000 = reg. 7.45
SS-3000 = reg. 7.45

SS-4000 = reg. 7.55
SS-610 = reg. 7.45
SS-620 = reg 7.68
SS-630 = reg. 7.89
Bottle cap opener = reg. 8.70
Can tab pull = reg. 4.88

All products are FDA 304 18-8 Food Compliant grade stainless
All are patented and made in the USA.

Many customers have requested this package so they can try the various styles and diameter sizes of the stainless stoppers, opener and tab pull.  We are the only supplier that offers different diameter stoppers and they do overlap in the bottles they will seal.  Bottles are not all the same size so why buy one size stopper.  The first 3 fit just about every wine bottle and even a few of the screw top whiskey bottles.  The SS-4000 fits the majority of whiskey bottles, however if just the bottom o-ring or two seal, there are 3 o-rings towering out of the bottle.  So we designed the 3 whiskey stoppers with only 3 o-rings.  The first 2, the SS-610 and SS-620, fit whiskey and Bourbon average bottles.  The top o-ring on the SS-630 is 1 1/16″ diameter and fits the top shelf whiskey bottles.

Starbond is offering a 10% discount when you use Niles10 at checkout.

The Niles Bottle Cap Opener is the most unique opener and the only one with 360° functionality plus people can’t guess what it is and that is fun.  The Can Tab Pull is the only one on the market and people with arthritis love it for hard to open soup cans, etc.  Also no more broken manicured fingernails!

If you like brass, the 9000, 3000 and 4000 are available in brass.  It is the same brass that is used in all the water lines in the country so it’s safe.  It will darken and get that loved brass patina.  

If you have any questions, email: or call: 717-486-5232