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Ruth Niles

Turned Maple with pyrography created by Ruth Niles [...]

Ruth Niles

Bottle stopper with decorative wood burning by Ruth Niles [...]

Ruth Niles

Woodturning with pyrography on bottle opener by Ruth Niles [...]


Roman Steichen in MD made this awesome tenderizer mallet with apple sticks in epoxy and [...]

Bennett opener

Steve Bennett in MA puts straw flowers in resin for this awesome bottle cap opener. [...]

Bennett stopper

Steve Bennett in MA case a dandelion seed head in resin.  Looks Electric! [...]


Roman Steichen in MD made this great meat tenderizer mallet and engraved the handle. [...]


Jamie Page, UK turned this bottle opener and bottle stopper.  See video. [...]


Jamie Page in UK turned this goblet from a resin blank made by Jake Thompson.  [...]


Carl Jacobson turned this beer bottle opener in the same shape as an Easy Wood [...]


Stephen Dietz in LA turned this customized whiskey stopper to fit a half gallon Crown [...]


Philip DeCarlo in SC did these totally impressive openers.  Beautiful colors and nice shapes. [...]


Ted Mellin in CO has a fantastic craft show display.  Customers love it. [...]


      Daniel Dubois in KS made these gaming dice bottle openers.  Terrific Gift [...]


Joel Horner, TX, poured his own honeycomb blank, turned a shot glass for a whiskey [...]


Joel Horner, TX poured his own honeycomb blank to turn this whiskey bottle stopper. [...]


Joel Horner, TX, poured his own resin blank for this turned whiskey stopper. [...]


Another honeycomb turning blank made by Joel Horner, TX.  Shot glass stopper! [...]


Colorful array of bottle stoppers created by Tony Rotundo in De.  Very attractive selection. [...]


John Simpson, Calif. used 7 different woods for the bottle and label, which is all [...]


John Simpson, Calif., turned the tray, the stopper and the bottle!  All details are inlay. [...]


Ken Lynch in CA, turned wood eggs and a friend painted them.  He used SS-9038 [...]


Stopper display with a flare. [...]

Williams shell

Jeff Williams, WA, Great Imagination! Check BARN  website in WA. [...]

Peterson opener

Rick Peterson in WA poured this resin and burl bottle opener top. Beautiful color combination. [...]

Peterson 2 pink

Rick Peterson in WA made this beautiful bottle opener and stopper set. [...]


Tony Rotundo in DE created this starfish bottle stopper.  So attractive! [...]

Tom Clark

Tom Clark in NC, used 150 yr. old spalted White Oak to make the whiskey [...]

Walcott meat

Jim Walcott in AR does creative engraving on the tops of meat tenderizers for that [...]


Steve Knotts in WV turns oak barrel bungs into stoppers and custom engraves the tops.  [...]


Nancy Brooks in VA made these festive pizza cutters with sculpturing Apoxie.  Very Mexican! [...]


Mike Sheahan, NY, carved this St. Patrick’s Day special stopper. [...]