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Bottle Openers and Tab Lifters Gallery

new.opener1     Niles.opener1             can tab lifter stainless steel

The most unique bottle cap opener anywhere!  Mark Connors in CT, a good
customer, said he had a great idea for a bottle opener and sent me a prototype
that he turned from wood (pic above).
It is very popular because no one can figure out what it is until you show them how it works!

The can tab lifter is one-of-a-kind and makes opening soup cans, etc. easy.


Kervin Hoffman in TX Made these great looking bottle openers.

Eric Livesay

Eric Livesay in TN Made this awesome bottle opener

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this cool pinecone and resin opener.

Keith Kapp

One more from Keith Kapp in PA Cool golf club opener

Keith Kapp

Keith Kapp in PA A few more creative bottle openers.

Keith Kapp

Keith Kapp in PA makes these awesome openers out of recycled parts.

Steve Wohlgemuth

Steve Wohlgemuth in VA Makes custom stoppers and openers like this one.

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM A few more great looking bottle openers

Rick O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan in NM Carved this cool pineapple bottle opener.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this awesome opener out of Maple burl and cellophane in [...]

Ruth Niles

Turned Maple with pyrography created by Ruth Niles

Ruth Niles

Bottle cap opener decorated with pyrography by Ruth Niles

Ruth Niles

Woodturning with pyrography on bottle opener by Ruth Niles

Lou Dornbach

Lou Dornbach in VA turned these great looking bottle openers

Steve Emery

Steve Emery in WA made these awesome stoppers and opener out of piano parts from [...]

Barlow UK

John Barlow in UK turned can tab pulls, bottle openers and espresso coffee tamper.  Nice [...]

Bennett opener

Steve Bennett in MA puts straw flowers in resin for this awesome bottle cap opener.

Bennett Steve

    Two sides of a bottle opener turned by Steve Bennett in MA.


Tom Borener in OR made natural edge openers and stoppers from Western Big Leaf Maple.


Jamie Page, UK turned this bottle opener and bottle stopper.  See video.


Carl Jacobson turned this beer bottle opener in the same shape as an Easy Wood [...]


Philip DeCarlo in SC did these totally impressive openers.  Beautiful colors and nice shapes.


Anita Ball in TN turned this bottle opener handle with porcupine quills in resin.


      Daniel Dubois in KS made these gaming dice bottle openers.  Terrific Gift [...]


        Daniel Dubois of KS made these two beautiful bottle openers.  Very [...]


Wayne Carawan in VA turned this array of beer bottle openers for a weekend craft [...]

Kay burl

Jeff Kay, OK, turned these brightly dyed Maple burl bottle stoppers and botte opener.


Matt Kasprowicz, MI, turned a wine and whiskey bottle stopper and a beer bottle opener [...]


Rick O’Ryan in NM used inlay in the turning for this stainless bottle opener.

Peterson opener

    Rick Peterson, WA, turned these two beautiful bottle openers.

Peterson opener

Rick Peterson in WA poured this resin and burl bottle opener top. Beautiful color combination.

Walcott opener

Jim Walcott in AR, engraved bottle opener.  Jim only makes gifts for all the blessings [...]