New Offset Plate (10-hole)



This is the new 10-Hole off-set plate for the Joyner Jig. It now has 10 holes where the original version had 8 and the holes are now in a pattern which makes it much easier to design your off-set cuts.

If you already own the original jig, you only need to purchase this plate. It is completely compatible with the original jig kit.  It comes with 4 thumb screws.  Since we added 8 more attaching holes, the thumb screws will not interfere with the mandrel in any hole.

Click the image below to download the new 10-hole version of Bill Kloepping’s Joyner Chuck Design Tool (Excel spreadsheet).
Joyner Offset Chuck Design Tool spreadsheet (for 10-hole version).

If you still need the design tool spreadsheet for the 8-hole Joyner Off-Set Chuck click the image below to download it.
Joyner Offset Chuck Design Tool spreadsheet (for 8-hole version).

Lathes Specifications: here is a list of lathe spindle sizes and Morse taper if you are not sure.

Download the Joyner Offset Jig Design Tool INSTRUCTIONS.

If you have trouble downloading the spreadsheet, email me and I can email it to you direct.