Off Center Jig Complete Kit

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The Joyner Off-Set kit comes with:

*Off Center Plate has 10 holes in a percision spiral pattern plus 8 holes for the screws
* Indexing plate
*3 “Buttons” for easy design repetition (2 stainless washers for using button and mandrel in same hole)
*3/8″ x 16 tpi bolt for turning stoppers, knobs, etc.
*4 Thumb screws
*Choice of 4 mandrel styles
*Draw bar (choice of size or no draw bar)

Made in the USA

New and truly IMPROVED because it is made of a better grade aluminum and the off-set hole spiral configuration, with 2 additional holes, greatly improves design creations. No more worrying about the thumb screws getting in the way of the mandrel; there are 12 holes in the off-set plate making it possible to use screws anywhere around the plates. *Note: the mandrel in this kit does not have the self-tapping flute/slit in the threads. You can use any of my self-tapping mandrels, however you must be careful when threading them into the off-set plate. If there is any resistance, back it out and start again, do not force it because you will be cross threading the plate. You know if you will be aware of this or not.

**New addition are the 3 “Buttons”.  Use double-faced tape to adhere the wood to the Button.  As the photo shows, use the 2 metal washers to put the mandrel and the button in the center hole to clean the wood or create a dome.  Then thread the ‘button’ in an off-set hole and either keep the mandrel in the center or get a double off-set design with the mandrel in an off-set hole.  I made the 3 piece pendant and earrings and was impressed how great it did the same design on the 7/8″, 2″ and 1 1/4″ discs.  Normally you have to fiddle with the setting to get a smaller diameter disc to get the same cuts as a larger one.  These “Buttons” were created by a customer, Jerry Sowers.

To make stoppers, openers, can tab lifters or knobs for boxes or unique cabinet knobs, use the bolt in the index plate as shown in the picture.

With this affordable off-set jig you can create pendants, earrings, box lids, knobs, bottle openers and bottle stoppers with off-center cuts. 

To watch videos and see a picture tutorial, click here

Click the image below to download Bill Kloepping’s 10-Hole Joyner Chuck Pattern Tool. Bill created this unique spreadsheet as a tool to visualize designs based on jig settings.
Joyner Offset Chuck Design Tool spreadsheet (for 10-hole version).

Download the Joyner Offset Jig Design Tool INSTRUCTIONS.

If you have trouble downloading the spreadsheet, email me and I will email it to you: