Off-Center Jig “Buttons”




This is a set of 3 “buttons” that can be threaded into any hole on the off-set plate of the jig.  They are 3/4″, 1 1/4″ and 2″ diameter.  I made the pendant and earring and was amazed how easily the exact design came out on both sizes.  With the mandrel in the center hole and the button in the #2 off-set hole, I did the 1st cut, moved my tool slightly to the left and made a 2nd cut.  Then threaded the button into the #4 off-set hole and did the 3rd cut, moved the tool to the left and did the 4th cut.  I did the same thing with the 1 1/4″ button and duplicated the design perfectly.  Then I used the 3/4″ Button repeating the 4 cuts (thinking “no way will it work on something this small) and it worked beautifully!   

These “buttons” can be used in the center hole with the mandrel in any off-set hole; the “buttons” in an off-set hole with the mandrel in the center hole; or the mandrel and buttons in off-set holes for even more design possibilities.

Only sold in sets of 3.  The price is right and you will only come back for the others if you were to order one size!  One of my customers, Jerry Sowers, IN, came up with this idea as an addition to the Off-Center Jig.   If you have any questions, email: or call 717-486-5232.  

Download the Joyner Offset Jig Design Tool INSTRUCTIONS.

Lathes Specifications: here is a list of lathe spindle sizes and Morse taper if you are not sure.

If you have trouble downloading the spreadsheet, email me and I can email it to you direct.