Stainless Bottle Cap Opener

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$8.00 per unit for buying at least 10

$7.50 per unit for buying at least 20

$7.00 per unit for buying at least 32

$6.25 per unit for buying at least 100


* Solid FDA Food Compliant Stainless Steel 304 18-8
* Same 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud as all my products.
* Lifetime Guarantee

Made and patented in the USA

The Most Unique Stainless Bottle cap Opener on the market and the only one with 360° functionality!  Watch people’s reaction after they say they don’t know what it is and you tell them it’s a beer bottle opener and show them how it works.  Almost everyone says “Wow, I have to have one!”   Dan Messerla, NC, made the card in the photo showing the opener being used to put on his table at craft shows.

This designer stainless steel bottle opener, with graceful lines is functional and has the ability to properly display your finished project for all to admire.

A standing bottle opener allows your artwork to be displayed and not tossed in the utensil drawer!

You also might like the “Pop It, Stop It” set; a bottle opener and a bottle stopper.  Or the Opener, Tab Pull set: a bottle cap opener and a can tab pull

Mark Connors, CT, designed this unique opener.  He turned 2 out of wood as prototypes.  Very ingenious!

If you have any questions, email Carl Jacobson at or call 503-939-4565, PST.

Watch Tim Yoder turn a beer bottle opener