Niles Tab Pull-Bottle Opener Set

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$12.98 per unit for buying at least 10

$12.58 per unit for buying at least 20


Niles Tab Pull-Bottle Opener Set

* Solid FDA food compliant stainless steel; 304 18-8 grade
* Bottle Opener and Tab Pull Made and patented in the USA

  • Regular price if each item were purchased separately, $13.58

This is a set containing the most popular Niles Bottle Cap Opener and the unique Niles Tab Pull.  A popular trend is to put the bottle cap opener at one end of your artwork and the can tab pull at the other.  Unlike most openers on the market, both of these items will stand allowing your turning work to be displayed on a shelf or windowsill.  The photo of Dan Messerla’s sets shows how great they look.  The perfect gift!  The tab lifter is especially great for people with arthritis to help open soup and pet food cans.

Both the opener and tab pull have the same 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud as all of my other products allowing you to use any of my mandrels.  You might like to use the threaded inserts with these also.  Either the brass or stainless steel work great especially in softer or spalted wood where the threads have a tendancy to break down.

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