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Greg Wilz ND

Greg Wilz ND made these great looking openers and pizza cutter.

Richard Lipham

Two beautiful urns from Richard Lipham in TX

Steve Alguire

Steve Alguire MI Made this beautiful Elm and Walnut urn.

Chris Whittaker

Christ Whittaker GA Made this great looking textured bottle stopper.

Eric Livesay

Eric Livesay in TN Made this awesome bottle opener

Richard Nye

Richard Nye in IL Made this beautiful urn. The lid was turned with a rose [...]

Jamie Page

Jamie Page in the UK Made this awesome pill box with the threaded rings.

Kyle love

Kyle love in FL turned this great Spectraply stopper.


Andrew in the UK turned this great wine bottle stoppers.

Elmer Martinson

Elmer Martinson in MI. Made this great looking mallet.

Bonnie Eichler

Bonnie Eichler in CA. Made this great looking whiskey stoppers out of African Paduk.

Dan Wolin

Dan Wolin in OH Made this beautiful urn for their dog.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Turned this beautiful urn  

Bill Woolley

Another view of Bill’s urn.

Lou Dornbach

Lou Dornbach in VA turned these great looking bottle openers

Bill Glatzel

Bill Glatzel CA A few more great looking stoppers from Bill

Bill Glatzel

Bill Glatzel in CA Turned this great looking assortment of stoppers

Travis Beck

Travis Beck TX Cast and turned these great looking stoppers.

Byron Patterson

Byron Patterson, WI Made these great looking Juniper pendants

Melissa Jackson

Melissa Jackson in CA turned this great looking Mahogany stopper

Erin Allred

Erin Allred in TX made these awesome gnome bottle stoppers

Steve Emery

Steve Emery in WA made these awesome stoppers and opener out of piano parts from [...]


James Carter in TX turned this great looking stopper out of Texas Mesquite.

Michael Earley

Michael Earley in NC made these beautiful hybrid openers


Roger Dirkx in OR turned this tab pull. He’s only been turning a few months!


Tom Ray made these beautiful pendants using the Joyner jig.


Tom Gaskill from HTG Woodcrafts made these great pizza cutters.


Ed Salisbury turned this great Spectraply stopper.


Jeremy Henderson in Alabama turned these great shaped stoppers.


Another great looking stopper from Peter Urasky


Beautiful work from Peter Urasky


A beautiful set of can pull tabs from Mitchell Jones