Chicken, Fish, Garlic Press

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  • FDA Food Compliant 304 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Made and patented in the USA

Chicken or garlic press, also crushing nuts, 2 1/4″ diameter, same diameter as meat tenderizer.  Flat bottom allows for flattening chicken or fish as part of cooking preparation.     FDA food grade, 304 18-8 stainless steel, made and patented in America.   Set screw is 3/8″ x 16 tpi and you can  use any of my mandrels to turn the handle.  A lot of customers are making mallets (see photo) using the meat tenderizer and chicken pounder.

This is the only chicken press on the market where woodturners, carvers and metal artists can create their own handle making a most unique gift and retail product.  It weighs a little over 10 oz. so with a handle it is heavy enough not to need a lot of pressure to flatten chicken or fish or to crush nuts and garlic. *Note: the chicken pounder does not come with the black cap.

*How to: drill a 5/16″ hole in you handle blank, either use one of my self-tapping mandrels or the 3/8″ tap to thread the blank.  With the mandrel on your headstock, thread the blank on the mandrel, bring up the tailstock to initially shape your handle; this eliminates vibration.  Finish turning, apply finish of choice.  Glue the set screw in the handle using either Tite Bond III or CA.  You want to remove the handle to put the tenderizer in the dishwasher and if the set screw isn’t glued in, with removing it often, the threads will wear thin and it will have to be glued in later.

*Tip: For selling at shows, make 6 to 10 different handles with the set screws attached and let the customers choose which handle they want on a tenderizer, cookie press or chicken press.

**note: the wood top in the photo is not included, it is just for display.

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