Coffee Tamper

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New coffee tamper. Solid FDA 304 18-8 food grade stainless steel, available in 57mm diameter and 53mm diameter,
it weighs 10.5 oz.  Espresso machines come in a lot of sizes but my espresso experts said the 53mm will fit almost all home machines.  The 57mm is more for commercial machines.  The tamper comes with a 1″ set screw that is 3/8″ x 16 tpi.   *note: by popular request, the bottom is smooth and no ridges or ripples as customers said that allows too much water to sit in the grooves or valleys in the coffee.

You can use any of my mandrels with the tamper and turn the handle as you would a bottle stopper or bottle opener.

*note: if you do craft shows, buy 6 or 8  set screws, attach them to turned handles and get 2 or 3 tenderizers, presses and/or tampers and let the customers choose their own handle.  This saves you money, makes the customer feel they are getting a “custom” item and you don’t have that one that is hard to sell that you take to every show.

**note: the handles shown are not included, they are just to show examples of handles you can make.